Support us

It is a privilege for us to be able to work with and for these wonderful children. By giving them the opportunity to go to school, to develop and get experiences they can submurge from the isolation to which, until today in Egypt, still many people with mental and/or physical disabilities are forced.  Support us to be able to continue our work.


Support us and buy the handmade works of art and products through our staff or our webshop.

For example, now we sell five original postcards for only € 5,-

Other items will be available soon. Please see our website or contact one of the team members.

Support us with toys, craft materials and more…

If you come to Safaga? The school is in need of all kinds of school supplies, craft materials, toys, crayons, coloring books, puzzles, dolls, dinky toys, other cars, musical instruments, childrens costumes and much more. Anything you and carry your suitcase is welcome!

But also financially…

Also, cash donations are always welcome! You can contact Sophie Deconinck in Nemo Dive Club & Hotel in Safaga during your stay in Egypt or contact us.

Additional assistance on the spot…

We can always use extra help in the weekly activities at the school and at the water therapy. Interested for an hour or two to release during your vacation? Please contact us. It is a unique experience!