Check out the new flyer!

Our new flyer

Our new flyer is now available to download from the website.

By collecting funds the school can purchase equipment and provide financial support, so the teachers and our team of volunteers have the opportunity to stimulate and activate the children permanently. Likewise the therapies.

Please download our flyer for a brief information overview and share with your family, friends and collegues. Help us to reach a bigger public. Thank you. More extented information you find on the site and Facebook.

The flyer can be downloaded in the Dutch and English language.

Note from the webmaster

Happy with the first design of the new website! Katrien and Sofie worked hard to put all the colors in place, complete the texts and add photos. But most important to give a complete information platform of what the organization does and represents. Of course there are many wishes, but we will continue to work hard on it in the near future.

If you have any comments or points of improvement? Please let us know. Just send an email to the webmaster …