Our motivation and goals

By collecting funds the foundation can purchase equipment and materials for the school and provide financial support for thr teachers and our team of volunteers to have the opportunity to stimulate and activate the children permanently. Likewise the therapies for the physically disabled children are payed with these funds so they also get a chance to strech their physical boundaries.

We hope to give our children a better future by developping themselves despite their limitation, learn to be creative and come out of their isolation. But we also want to give them a fun time. A smiling child, each child, disabled or not, deserves to be happy and to have fun.

There are activities for and with the children of the school, limited in their mental capacity, on the other hand, there are the treatments of the children with physical disabilities.

The full  100% of the donations and income by selling the products in the school and the side projects is invested by the foundation. Since this is a small project no funds are lost to management costs etc. All financial support and material aid comes only and only to the children.